Consultation & Analytics Services

We provide support to resolve client company issues to improve contact center/back-office center quality and optimize operations

Altius Link, Inc. provides total support for client companies, from formulating a business strategy to creating strategies and implementing initiatives for direct communication with customers. We use our know-how in building and operating call centers and back-office centers to carry out evaluations and compile figures to create a clearer picture of the client company’s center operations.

We identify issues related to quality improvement, optimization of operations (boosting operational efficiency and rationalizing costs) and provide consulting in accordance with the client company’s current stage of growth. This allows our client companies to provide the optimal form of communication to customers and create even better customer experience (CX).
Assessment Process
  • Current situation
    ● Declining customer support quality
    ● Redundant tasks and inconsistent quality
    ● No time available for core tasks due to specific tasks being allocated to specific employees and insufficient resources
  • Visualizing the current situation and identifying issues
    Visualizing the current situation and identifying gaps and issues that stand between the client company and their goals
  • Consideration and implementation of improvement measures
    ● Redesigning and rebuilding operations
    ● Outsourcing operations
    ● Adoption and utilization of IT
  • Goals
    ● Customer support that ensures high customer satisfaction and CX
    ● Cost optimization through more efficient operations and effective use of in-house resources
    ● Boosting core competence
A Guide to Our Services
We provide seven types of services that can be used in all aspects of the client’s business from customer contact points to back-office operations: VOC analysis service, customer support rationalization diagnostics, contact center quality assessment, FAQ knowledge assessment, AI chatbot quality assessment, business process automation assessment, and business process visualization service.